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Media in GTK 4
Media in GTK 4
Showing moving pictures is ever more important. GTK 4 will make it easier for GTK apps to show animations; be that a programmatic animation, a webm file or a live... Read More
Custom widgets in GTK 4 – Actions
Custom widgets in GTK 4 – Actions
(This is the fifth part of a series about custom widgets in GTK 4. Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4). Activate all the things Many things in GTK... Read More
Custom widgets in GTK 4 – Input
Custom widgets in GTK 4 – Input
(This is the fourth part of a series about custom widgets in GTK 4. Part 1, part 2, part 3). Event handlers take over In the previous parts, we’ve seen... Read More

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Virtual keyboard not showing up when focusing on GtkEntry/GtkTextView
Allow customized GtkStack on GtkNotebook
Inconsistent Behavior for Conflicting Mnemonics: Cannot always cycle
[Wayland] Wrong popup position on wayland with multi-monitor configuration
Combo box scrolls even if there is enough space
GtkPlacesSidebar not mounting bookmaks or home subdirectories
Rename GtkSurfaceState as GtkToplevelState
GTK4 GdkWindow/GdkSurface
Focusing an entry in a popover via a touch event causes segfault
SIGSEGV in _gtk_tree_path_new_from_rbtree
8. Accessibility GTK3
GTK windows with CSD are not being fully integrated to the Windows window manager
GTK3 GtkWindow Windows
incorrect position of tooltips on tint2 systray
GTK3 GtkTooltip
Move theming to device-independent way (avoid 'px' besides some cases)
Firefox Nightly crashes in gdk_display_close()
1. Crash
Shadow blur is quite larger compared to web browsers
GL Renderer GTK4
Shadow blur is broken with bigger radius in GL renderer
GL Renderer GTK4
GtkSpinbutton sizing regression
GTK4 GtkSpinButton